A simple definition of a parable is: A true to life story with a spiritual meaning.

The Parables Recorded In The Gospels

Parable                                                           occasion                                                     Recorded

1. The Sower                                Given from a boat on Sea of Galilee                     Mt.13:5-8; Mk.4:3-8;

                                                     to a great multitude standing on the beach                     Lu.8:5-8


2. The Tares                                  Given from a  boat on Sea of Galilee                          Mt.13:24-30    

3. The Mustard                                                        “                                     Mt.13:31-32; Mk.4:31- 34; Lu.13:19

4. The Leaven                                                           “                                             Mt.13:33; Lu.13:21

5. Hidden Treasure                                                   “                                                        Mt.13:44

6. Pearl of Great Price                                               “                                                     Mt.13.45-46

7. The Drag Net                                                         “                                                    Mt.13:47-50

8. The Seed Growing                                          Sea of Galilee                                     Mk.4:30-34

9. Unmerciful Servant                                         In response to                                      Mt.18:21-35

                                                                           Peter's question

10. Labors in the Vineyard                                    To disciples                                         Mt.20:1-16

11. The Two Sons                                           To chief priests and                                Mt.21:23-32

                                                                      Pharisees in the temple

12. Wicked Husbandman                                       “                                      Mt.21:33-46, Mk.12:1- 12; Lu.20:9-19


13. Marriage Feast and                                       Chief Priest & Pharisees                                   Mt.22:1-15

 Slighted Invitation    

14. The Ten Virgins                               Jesus prophesying  His second coming                          Mt.25:1-3


15. The Talents                                      Second advent and Judgment                                      Mt.25:14-32

16. The Two Debtors                At the house of Simon, a self-righteous Pharisee                       Lu.7:36-50

17. Good Samaritan                In response to lawyer's question. Who is my neighbor?               Lu.10:25-37

18. Friend at Midnight             In response to a disciples request, Lord teach us to pray ,           Lu.11:1-13

19. The Widow & Judge               God will avenge the elect who ask for help                              Lu.18:1-8

20. The Rich Fool       In response to a request, "Teacher, bid my brother divide the inheritance with me”. Lu.12:13-21

21. Barren Fig Tree                   When informed of executed Galilaens by Pilate                            Lu.13:1-9

22. The Great Supper              At a Pharisees' house, in response to a guest that                         Lu.14:12-24

                                       said, "Blesses is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God".

23. The Lost Sheep           In response to the murmuring of self- righteous Pharisees                  Lu.15:1-32

24. Lost Piece of Silver                                             “                                                                           “

25. The Lost Son                                                      “                                                                           “


26. Unrighteous Steward                To disciples in the presence of covetous Pharisees                 Lu.16:1-15

27. Rich Man & Lazarus                              Probably same as above                                             Lu.16:19-31

28. Pharisee & Publican                     Spoken to those who were self-righteous                              Lu.18:9-14

29. The Pounds                 Teaching concerning second advent to those expecting                        Lu.19:11-28

                                                         the  kingdom to immediately appear

30. Sheep-Fold & Good Shepherd               in presence of Jewish leaders                                       Jn.10:1-21